Monday, 5 September 2016

CRM 2016 Synatax changes after disabling legacy form rendering engine (enable Turbo forms)

Old code for disable view picker of look up ( before disabling legacy form rendering )


New code (After enabling turbo forms)

var lookup="schemaname of field";
lookup.Ctl=Xrm,page.getControl("schemaname of field");
lookuo.SetParameter("disableViewPicker", "1");


  1. Hi Linu,

    I try your tip but no success. Any Idea why?

    Here my script:

    function disableViewPicker () {

    var lookup = Xrm.Page.getControl("lookup_WorkTags");

    if (lookup) {
    var id = "{E57F5DE2-7764-E611-80DD-C4346BAC0E68}"; // Tag lookup view for work
    var defaultView = lookup.getDefaultView();

    if (defaultView != id) { lookup.setDefaultView(id); }

    lookup.SetParameter("disableViewPicker", "1"); //setDisabled(true);

    setTimeout( function () { disableViewPicker(); } , 1000);


    Is your code supported by Microsoft. The old version is it not.


  2. is turbo form enabled in your CRM ?

    Did you debug this code?
    "lookup_WorkTags" is it your look up actual field name ? noramally fields names in all small letters .
    kindly debug this code and make sure all lines of code are processing without any syntax error .

  3. Turbo is on.

    I think the field name is right, because to set the defaultview (in the script) is working. Only that is not working: lookup.SetParameter("disableViewPicker", "1");

    I get no error on the form when loaded

  4. put debugger in your code and see which line throwing error .

  5. this is no error on the GUI, maybe under the hood.

    do you have a debugger code for me?

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